At Sajeimpact we have been helping #MEAction work to influence Parliament to understand and take action on #ME. Last week saw another break through with a Westminster Hall debate that highlighted how far MPs have come in understanding the condition and the politics of #ME. 

#MEAction said this could be the moment the Tide Turned for #ME


"MPs called for the immediate removal of Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) from the NICE guidelines, as patients have consistently reported being harmed from attempting to undergo this treatment. MP Ed Davey called for the suspension of the GET guideline, suggesting that not doing so risks litigation.

“Never have I felt so heard,” said Sian Leary from Sheffield who has been housebound with ME for the past 5.5 years.

“Today is the day, here, in June 2018, where finally we started to take Myalgic Encephalomyelitis… seriously and we stopped condemning people who suffer from this ghastly debilitating disease,” said MP Stephen Pound, one of the 6 MPs who petitioned for the debate. “Today is the day we said, “Yes we understand the pain people suffer . Yes we’re going to do something about it. Yes we respect you. Yes we value you. And yes today we’re going to start investing in diagnosis and  analysis and, god willing, cure”.


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