After a Bumper 2018 it looks like 2019 will be the same for the SajeImpact Team!

We have enjoyed working with our clients in 2018 and many of the long term projects will be carried forward into the new year. Real progress has been made with Leicester Tigers and Scunthorpe United Football Club so these capital projects should finish this year.

We also undertook a few time limited projects for Sport England and the CSP network with the new Improvement and performance framework now being rolled out across the network for example.

The new projects for 2019 include some public advocacy support for the Activity Alliance and Judo, new support for Sporting Equals and establishing a Coaching and Mentoring programme.

Andy Reed Founder and Director of SajeImpact said “We have always remained flexible and agile in the services we are able to provide and always to the needs of the client - not our pre determined way of doing things. That's why every year feels slightly different and offers new challenges. In 2019 we are adding a few new clients as well as really starting to develop those we have been supporting over the last couple of years. Watch out for big things in 2019 from Incus performance, Elite Performance partners and Sport 80. “

He continued “I will still Chair SAPCA and support the Sports Think Tank to offer thought Leadership into the sport and PA sector, but generally I am aiming to slow down taking on too many projects - although my team are stepping up and taking on more work. For example Rob Cook has been a great additioin to the team in 2018 taking up leads on the Annie Zaidi Foundation, #theFWord conference and some of our work with Sporting Equals.”

“We are excited by what 2019 has to offer!”