Director Andy Reed has been appointed the Vice-Chair of the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership. Andy gas served on the LLEP Board for 3 years and has just agreed to serve a second term for 3 years. he sits on the Board as a Private sector representative.

Andy said “I joined the LLEP to come full circle on my career, as started work at the City and County councils working in Economic Development. Economic regeneration and the skills agenda has always been important to me - especially during my time in Parliament. When I set up Saje Impact it was so I could help serve voluntarily in a number of areas through Boards and serving my own County was a top priority. I have been fortunate to serve under two great Chairs with Nick Pulley and now Kevin Harris.

“I love the County and what it has to offer but I also know there are many challenges to ensure there is clean growth, job and wealth creation and this continues to be shared by all residents and parts of the City and county. Given the importance of the Local Industrial Strategy and the delivery of existing government funding this is a crucial time for LEPs to make a real difference.

“I am also keen to hear what more needs to be done at a macro level to make Leicestershire the best place to live and work in the Midlands. Whilst our top priority will be jobs and growth for me its also about the health and wellbeing of our population and the quality of life. So its a big agenda!

LLEP Board

The LLEP Board makes collective decisions to deliver the LLEP’s objectives and the outcomes set out in the SEP. It acts as an ambassador for Leicester and Leicestershire at local, national and international levels. The LLEP Board Members engage and represent their specific sector or corporate organisation on the LLEP to ensure views represent those of the wider sector. They also communicate and promote the objectives of the LLEP within their respective sectors, ensuring the clear understanding of the need for collaboration.