Life Hacks!

by Andy Reed


I have been lazy in capturing and honing my thoughts and observations on life. As I move into the next Phase of my own life I have more time for reflection and want to share my random thoughts more widely. The mini blogs below are a work in progress all of the time. I need feedback and comments to help me adjust and broaden my thinking and perspective. So don’t hold back. Check and challenge.

One warning. This is a series based on my worldview and values. I know not everybody shares my perspective on the world and what I see as the remedies. But one of the topics I want to cover is how we all learn to disagree well. Our political discourse seems to have been poisoned by social media and whilst I seek feedback I would love us to demonstrate how to differ with civility.

I have so many ideas I want to cover already and I get new ideas weekly. (That’s one of my weaknesses - trying to take on too much). but at the moment I will concentrate on a few talks I have done which include Personal Development, self awareness, the Freedom of simplicity, defining success, Finding and defining purpose, leadership, dealing with complexity, learning through failure, Being in the Room, Rebel ideas and diversity, positivity, how a wining smile gets you through! If you have other ideas or questions please let me know and I will try to over the topic.


‘Busyness’ - how we get it wrong

How did busyness become a status symbol and something we aspire to emulate. Discover how to get your life back.


finding your Ikigai

Too often people are in pursuit of ‘happiness’ when in fact that they need purpose. Can the Japanese ‘ Ikigai’ offer us a solution?


freedom of simplicity

We have over complicated life in pursuit of so-called happiness often through over consumption. We need to rebalance our lives to discover the freedom that lies in simplicity in all that we do.


The Life Hack Series - Meaning and purpose

The Life Hack is a series of individual blogs on my random thought process which I hope will force me to join it all up together into a coherent message about life and its purpose!