A one day event that brings together leaders, peers and stakeholders from the third sector to discuss the concept of failure and how we can learn from it, through a series of talks, roundtables and workshops on the day. There are only 100 tickets so book your place now!


Across the Third Sector we spend a lot of time celebrating our success, highlighting the stories of social change and demonstrating the fantastic impact we have made. But failure is our F-word. A word that is never discussed in the company of our peers and funders.  We never talk about the things that went wrong. The things we tried that didn’t work. The risks we took that didn’t pan out.  And, more importantly, what we learnt from it.

Upshot and the Sports think Tank have joined forces to curate an event that is a first for us.  A one day event that will bring together organisations from the world of sport, government, the third sector and beyond to discuss our failures, share our lessons learned and embrace being more transparent. This event is not about condoning a lack of success or celebrating incompetence – it’s about recognising that failure is a natural by-product of innovation and risk, something all organisations shouldn’t be afraid of.