Saje Impact partners to Create Performance Managment and Improvement Framework for CSPs

Saje Impact partners to Create Performance Managment and Improvement Framework for CSPs

Sajeimpact joined Right Directions with Paul Brivio and Martyn Allison to create a new Performance management and Improvement Framework for Sport and England and the CSP network this month.

Following a competitive process Sajeimpact partnered with Right Directions to co create the Framework with CSPN and Sport England. The new Framework will form the basis of the creating a new way of working across the network on performance management and Improvement. 

Andy Reed Said

"Following my CSP review for government in 2016 I was clear that the report was only the start of a long journey to repurpose CSPs in light of the new Sport England Strategy and to create a new relationship with Sport England. The performance Framework hopefully captures some of the changes needed in leadership and collaboration needed to deliver genuine local change in the sport and  physical activity landscape. I look forward to working with CSPs as they move forward into this new environment."


Sajeimpact partners at House of Commons Reception

Sajeimpact partners at House of Commons Reception

Sajeimpact Director Andy Reed joined with partners Asian Sports Foundation at a recent House of Commons reception to celebrate the new Family Fund awards given as part of the new Sport England Strategy.

Sajeimpact partners with organisations to create fresh programmes to deliver sport and physical activity to those least active. The Asian Sports Foundation.

Details of the award and the work of the ASF are here:

Asian Sports Foundation secures Sport England Lottery Award  

Scunthorpe United Stadium Plans Submitted

Scunthorpe United Stadium Plans Submitted

Scunthorpe United Football Club have submitted plans for a new stadium at its Glanford Park ground.

Sajeimpact are working with SUFC on the development and sustainability of the stadium at Glanford Park. 

The new stadium will improve the matchday experience, create new commercial space to enhance its financial viability and support the League One club's development into the future. 

The current ground was built in 1988 and at the time was only the second new English Football League stadium to be built post-war. It will be a first for any Club to have developed and played in three purpose-built stadia. 

Chairman Peter Swann stated: "I am delighted to announce that we have submitted our exciting plans for the new stadium. Glanford Park is not that old and has served us well, but it's essential that we develop new income streams to support the future development of the Club and to improve facilities for fans and players alike."

The stadium will host an 11,000-capacity arena that will also create a venue for concerts and conferences, and provide new restaurant and leisure facilities. The arena will also provide up to 100,000 square feet of commercial space. 

The Glanford Park stadium will be demolished and rebuilt stand-by-stand over the next few seasons to enable the Club to continue to play matches during the development. New cantilever style stands will ensure unrestricted views onto the pitch and will include improved seating and new eating and drinking facilities. 

The Club will commence construction of the new stadium subject to a planning decision expected in the Autumn. The East Stand will be the first to be constructed to provide the commercial space required for health-related uses. The Club have also submitted a planning application for residential apartments on the Glanford Park site.

Reed to Deliver Keynote at BUCS Conference

Reed to Deliver Keynote at BUCS Conference

Our Director Andy Reed OBE will be giving the opening Keynote at the BUCS Annual Conference on the 10th July. 

BUCS Conference 2018 will see delivery from a number of high profile keynote speakers, a variety of breakout sessions and workshops for delegates, plus a range of sessions updating on BUCS programmes and opportunities.

Members will also be provided with a number of networking and social activities throughout Conference.

Read more at§ionTitle=Programme+%26+Content&preview=1#5LQa0UQci1CfOr3z.99

#MEAction - Westminster Hall debate could be A 'Turning of the Tide' for ME

#MEAction - Westminster Hall debate could be A 'Turning of the Tide' for ME

At Sajeimpact we have been helping #MEAction work to influence Parliament to understand and take action on #ME. Last week saw another break through with a Westminster Hall debate that highlighted how far MPs have come in understanding the condition and the politics of #ME. 

#MEAction said this could be the moment the Tide Turned for #ME


"MPs called for the immediate removal of Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) from the NICE guidelines, as patients have consistently reported being harmed from attempting to undergo this treatment. MP Ed Davey called for the suspension of the GET guideline, suggesting that not doing so risks litigation.

“Never have I felt so heard,” said Sian Leary from Sheffield who has been housebound with ME for the past 5.5 years.

“Today is the day, here, in June 2018, where finally we started to take Myalgic Encephalomyelitis… seriously and we stopped condemning people who suffer from this ghastly debilitating disease,” said MP Stephen Pound, one of the 6 MPs who petitioned for the debate. “Today is the day we said, “Yes we understand the pain people suffer . Yes we’re going to do something about it. Yes we respect you. Yes we value you. And yes today we’re going to start investing in diagnosis and  analysis and, god willing, cure”.


westminster hall debate.jpg